Design & Development

Work we've done for clients and open hardware collaborations.


We conceive and design products, brands, and experiences. From napkin sketch to manufacturable design, we can take your ideas and make them real.

Research + Development

The success of any new venture relies on research. It is only through understanding the context of a product that we can truly understand it.

Sustainable Design

Good design has conscience. From product to package, it's the designers responsibility to conceive sustainable and low impact solutions that sell.


What does it take to scale an idea beyond the startup phase? How can you inspire excitement about an ageing product line? To paraphrase Simon Sinek, it all starts with why.


Orogen was founded to help our clients bring products from concept to manufacture. From the big guys like Johnson & Johnson, to the little guys like independent artists & kickstarters. We help innovate, invent, and deliver with the speed and quality previously only accessible to big multinational companies.