Our Mission: To boldly go where open hardware has never gone before

We make open hardware that helps people.

We manufacture products at scale in a way that nurtures the environment. We will grow this idea from seed to fruit. We don’t claim perfection but a pilot program to engage discussion around better practices in manufacturing, distribution and development.

Unlike other corporations that plan obsolescence into their products we will design our products to last as long as they can and should. Bi4l is a movement towards long lasting quality products in opposition to the planned obsolescence paradigm. Our products should be systematically designed to be upgradeable and easily repairable either by us or by the end user, ideally by the end user. To achieve this we must keep every subsystem as simple and understandable by a layman as possible. By combining these subsystems we can accomplish amazing sophistication.

The product line should reflect intelligent relational machines that learn and adapt to the user. Like a smart pet that is loyal and predictive.

Better manufacturing

The manufacturing branch will need to be completely vertically integrated, flexible, and cutting edge in order to accomplish our goals and experiments in sustainable manufacturing and production. Fab labs are a smaller scale version of this and we should have a kind of fab lab at each of our facilities.

We will take the initiative in designing around every eco, b-corp, C2C sustainable certification. In order to do this we will need experienced individuals to be part of our teams who we will employ but who can act as independent in house auditors/consultants.

The triangle is often used as a symbol of harmony and balance between different variables. The C2C triangle fractal is a good mapping tool to help visualize Economy Ecology and Equity.